Stay Limitless’ one-to-one high performance coaching teaches you how to overcome personal obstacles through mentoring with our professional life coaches.


Stay Limitless’ leadership training and development empowers leaders by giving you the tips, tools and strategies to become an effective leader in any industry.


It’s our goal to empower, inspire and motivate Latina women to overcome past traumas, find their inner strength and help them create a positive meaningful life filled with joy.


Stay Limitless helps Chingona Latina women overcome old blocks, anxiety and emotional traumas that hold them back from feeling joy.


Founded by renown life coach, Liz A. Garcia, Stay Limitless’ professional coaching is specific to the experiences and needs of women of color with a focus on keeping conversations 100% real.

Stay Limitless identifies your challenges in managing life transitions and removes old patterns. We do the deep work that may at times be uncomfortable and sometimes scary, but necessary to move clients towards feeling empowered to live their lives authentically.


Stay Limitless’ coaching services and programs teach you specific strategies and tools that will aid you in clearing out what you are ready to let go, while building self-love and self-trust in yourself.

“I feel so much more motivated now then I did at the end of the year. I have a newfound respect for myself that the trials and tribulations of life so lovingly removed. Liz’s enthusiasm and power radiates from her pores. She is reliable, personable, and fun!”
-David J. Fornelli


Welcome to Stay Limitless! I know what it is to “have it all” and still be plagued with low self-esteem when old issues haven’t been cleared.


I know what it is to lose it all, be in tremendous pain and live in shame about what I’ve allowed, despite my degrees and fancy resume. But I also know what it is to take those heart-breaking experiences, find the gifts in it all, and use it to empower me and propel me forward.


Together, I will teach you how to neutralize the emotional charge from past experiences you haven’t yet released. The processes that I use are research-based. In every experience with me, whether individual or group-based, I provide you with exercises to help you “work” through your challenges.


Be ready to rock and roll, because as is anything else in life, I will give you 100% of, me, but you will only get out what you put in!


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