HOPE Latina History Day 2017

HOPE Latina History Day 2017

What a pleasure to have attended one of my favorite conference:  HOPE’s Latina History Day

HOPE (Hispanas Organized for Political Equality) works to promote and develop empowered Latinas.

With over 1,000 women attending every year, the Latina History Day conference provides workshops for women on career advancement, current community issues, and financial empowerment. All while celebrating Latina culture and the achievement of Latina women.

They do an Amazing job every year, and this year was no different.

I so appreciate HOPE’s work. Let me share with you in particular three reflection piece from the conference:

This comes from both a personal and professional standpoint. Personally, I am in the midst of consciously working to build my wealth. As a coach and conscious Latina woman I see how important the wealth building conversation is in our Latina community. I am so Grateful that HOPE has taken this on. I was delighted to see the lengthy survey they gave to participants on building wealth- because I know great work will come from it.

The workshop I attended was given by National Wealth Expert and former Life In Brilliance Podcast guest Louis Barajas (Check out his episode here!).  If you know his work you know he gave GREAT content, so I’m going to give you my two favorite nuggets:

Thank You for bringing in speakers that will move us to the next level! This is exactly what we need.

*You can find more about Louis’s work on his website.

In the video above I talk about the lunch conversation I had with my tablemate – a young woman contemplating graduate school. We talked about the angst of considering grad school with a large price tag attached. We ended the conversation with me sharing with her how awesome the HOPE community is in finding mentorship- this is the group of people where in two, three years when she’s done with grad school she will find a potential employer. Or, someone who will connect her with one. I LOVE this about HOPE – they have created a community that will go to bat for each other over and over. I love seeing young women at this conference because if they capitalize on this opportunity, they can find several new mentors every year!


HOPE’s Executive Director Helen Iris Torres and I


Let me tell you, the week of the conference was an exhausting one for me. Those of you who are in hustle mode in the middle of achieving a big goal or dream know that sometimes you catch yourself just worn out. But I’m so Grateful that I went. I went into the conference feeling worn down, but I left re-invigorated. I left reminded of how much support I had in that room. So many women asked me about my business, my podcast, me- how we were all doing. It reminded me how much love surrounds me- and I know that is a reflection of the love and support that surrounds every single one of us who was in that room! Conferences often leave you spent, but not this one. It re-charges you. It uplifts you. It fills your cup. A huge THANK YOU for filling my cup once again. And to the big work I know you will continue doing.

To find more information on the Latina History Day and the Latina History Day Conference click here.

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