Leadership Training


Leadership training that will give you the tips, tools and strategies
that will help you become the effective leader you are,
regardless of the title you hold.

Liz connects with her audiences through a blend of loving, challenging, fun, and “keep it real” motivation and inspiration and data-driven content. Audience members leave inspired, and ready to act on their immediate next steps.

“My ability to connect with my audience & engage them in compelling stories with powerful life lessons creates the drive in others to act boldly & play a bigger game in life.”
– Liz A. Garcia

Are you looking to grow personally and professionally?

Are you ready to lead and prepare others in your organization?

“This workshop was phenomenal in learning how to view your past
from a source of strength to build a roadmap for the future
that is firmly grounded in your values.”
– Daisy Pizana



Actions of the Influential Leader

Actions of the Proactive Communicator

Developing Core Competencies in Nonprofit Leaders

Strategies to Recruit, Develop & Retain Talented Staff

Working with Liz during my organization’s staff retreat was transformational. I truly enjoyed her receptive and open-minded style of leading the exercises/activities as it helped foster a safe space for everyone to share and grow together. Personally, I appreciated the exercises on communication styles and Values Determination because they were both challenging but insightful experiences. I reflected on myself and was able to build the self-awareness and acceptance I needed to continue growing as a leader and person.


-Grazia Mora

Building Skills Partnership Staff Retreat Participant

Best Training Thus FAR!!!
This experience was an eye-opening opportunity to understanding how important “I” am. Through the exercises and activities I felt engaged as I explored what has been my challenges to understand my self-worth. After writing everything down and vocalizing my insecurities, I found comfort and tactics to use as my next steps to paint the bigger picture and move forward with it. I’m not going to lie, it had me emotional the whole time but it was so worth it!

– Yev

Self-Care for YWCA Domestic Violence Service Providers

I joined a self-care workshop facilitated by Liz. She very quickly established a space of trust and honesty not only between her and the participants, but among the participants themselves. Her activities were provocative, and I loved the way she challenged each of us w/out making anyone feel singled out! I’d highly recommend her to my colleagues. She is relatable.

– Sylvia Chua

Self-Care for YWCA Domestic Violence Service Providers


Featured Organizations where Liz has provided Workshops and Trainings:

♦ Hispanas Organized for Political Equality


♦ Latinas in STEM

♦ National Latina Business Women Association

♦ East Los Angeles College

♦ Rio Hondo College

♦ USC School of Social Work

♦ Society of Hispanic Engineers

♦ Youth Policy Institute

♦ Boys & Girls Clubs – The Professional Association

♦ National Council of La Raza

♦ City of Cerritos

♦ City of Chino

♦ California Women’s Conference

♦ California Parks & Rec Society

♦ Southern CA Municipal Athletic Foundation

♦ Society of Hispanic Engineers

♦ Voto Latino

♦ Alliance for a Better Community

♦ City of Commerce Library