Processing Fear In Uncertain Times

Processing Fear In Uncertain Times

It’s been a wild couple of days, and many of us have experienced a roller coaster of emotions. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear for many people right now. Below are a few strategies for helping you process your fear. This blog doesn’t mean the fear will go away. It means you are giving your body ways to cope with it and let some of the emotion out.

Cry. It’s number one because this is my greatest outlet :). Sometimes we’re afraid of emotion if it comes up heavy for us. But think about it this way – if you feel like crying, your body is asking for a release. If you try to push it away, it will come up at some point, so go ahead and allow the tears to cleanse as needed.

Journal. Just write and write. And write. If you think you don’t know what to say write the first sentence – anything that comes to mind, no matter how insignificant or unrelated, and more will come.

Take a walk. With your loved ones. In silence. Or in conversation. It helps get you moving physically and it helps your brain process.

~ Sit with a group of people. Face each other. Create laughter. Start with obvious, loud fake laughter. Keep doing it for 2-3 minutes. It will feel like a long time. It may feel silly at first, and that’s okay. Keep laughing. If you are with loved ones at some point you may experience true laughter. The movement in your belly can help shake up stuck emotion.

~ Lay on the floor face up with room for your arms to the side. Bend your legs so your feet are flat on the floor. Beat the floor like a drum with your hands (one on each side). Then add your feet – stomp the floor repeatedly with your feet. Then add the vocals- open your mouth and say “Ah” like your dentist asks you too. By now you’ll be drumming your hands, stomping your feet and “Ah’ing” simultaneously. Start softly, then raise the intensity and volume of them all (for folks with downstairs neighbors you can give them a heads up that it’s coming, or you modify by tapping). Take a pause, start softly again, and continue to cycle 3-4 times. Again, it helps release the emotion and energy. Also a great exercise to do in a group.

~ Ask yourself or engage in conversation around these few questions:

These questions can be tough to engage in because they won’t take away the reality of repercussions for people. But, they can keep hope present in your heart. And that’s a powerful thing when you are feeling afraid.

~ Sit facing your loved ones eye to eye, hold hands and speak to them: I see you and I love you. Hug them.

Play with your animals. They make everything better, don’t they?

I send you lots of love my friends.

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