The Power of Being Present

The Power of Being Present

This one is really tripping me out. You know that feeling of: “Wow! This year went by so fast! Where did it go?!” This is the first time in my adult life that I don’t feel that way. This is the first year that I don’t feel that the year just whizzed by me. It is such a different experience.

I have worked hard this year to be conscious of the experiences that I have and that I create, and to stay present. And I still have work to do, because I definitely get distracted and fall back into old habits. But overall, the power of being present is radiating in my life.

As I sit here I can fully see how being distracted and disconnected contributes to the fear our society has of getting older – because of course it will be scary when it’s flying by without being enjoyed, right?

I committed to being present in my emotions – the good and the uncomfortable. I committed to shifting when I needed to. I committed to asking for help when I got stuck. And I re-committed to trying to new things (I launched a podcast!!) that scared me but that I knew were meant for me to do.

ACTIONS: Some actions that I continued/incorporated in my life to help me be present: I started going for walks when my energy felt stuck. It got me out of the house (I work from home), it got me up earlier, and it got me moving my body. In the mornings I lay in bed enjoying the stillness before I get up. I journal – a lot. It helps me process my thoughts and emotions. When my energy felt stagnant I started taking cold showers. It was the perfect thing to wake me up, and also do something that immediately made me feel invigorated.

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